What can we help you with?

  • Door Locks

    Physical Security describes security measures that are designed to deny access from anyone attempting to physically access your home.

  • Safes

    Many people use home safes to keep items such as passports, SIN cards, birth certificates and family heirlooms in a safe, fireproof location. With the largest safe showroom in Western Canada, we guarantee we have the safe that will suit » Continued

  • Home Integration

    Home security is a game of layers. While physical security is your best deterrent against potential intruders, cameras, alarms and environmental security greatly increase the breadth of your home’s security.

What can we help you with?

  • Locks & Doors

    Serving the community since 1985, Calgary Lock & Safe secures over 100,000 doors for commercial customers. With over 20 trained technicians, we have the quickest response time in the city.

  • Safes

    With the largest safe showroom in Western Canada, we’re sure we have the safe that suits your need and budget. Safes aren’t a hobby of ours, they’re a passion.

  • Cost Prevention

    A number of options exist when creating a security system for your commercial building. Our certified journeyman locksmiths are trained in designing complete security solutions which include both preventative and reactive measures.

  • Investigative

    Often it is required by insurance companies that a forensic audit be performed on your vehicle after a claim has been filed.

  • Ignition Work

    Sticky ignition?

    It’s likely a worn key issue. Addressing it now will save you several hundreds of dollars when it breaks.

  • Stolen Vehicles

    Stolen vehicles always have larger security implications than people realize. Luckily we are one of a few companies that can help.

  • Automotive Keys

    Calgary Lock & Safe is AMA’s dealer for southern Alberta. AMA Plus members save $100 exclusively with us 24/7/365!