We have provided the following industry guidelines for content value of the various levels of security that a safe can provide. These values are generally used for businesses for insurance purposes but are a good guideline for different levels of protection.  Contact your insurance company for specific limitations

Rating Content Value Extra Information
RSC Up to $5,000 This safe has passed a 5 minute attack test, If this safe had a TL rating it would be a TL-5, Note, RSC ratings can be applied to low end safes that are easily pried open up to very secure safes that could pass higher rating test but the manufacturers don’t go to the expense of testing them.
B-Rated Up to $10,000 1/2 inch plate door & 1/4 inch body
C Rated Up to $30,000 1 inch protection on door & up to 1/2 inch on body
TL-15 Up to $200,000 A TL-15 Rating means the safe door can successfully resist entry for a net assault time of 15 minutes when attacked with common hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinders, drills or pressure devices.
TL-30 Up to $375,000 TL-30 means the safe door can pass the same test for 30 minutes. Note that this does NOT include attacks on the sides or top.
TL-30X6 Up to $500,000 to $ 1,000,000 U L 30 minute attack on all 6 sides of safe
TRTL-30X6 $1,000,000 and up U L 30 minute torch / tool attack on all 6 sides of safe