Many people use home safes to keep items such as passports, SIN cards, birth certificates and family heirlooms in a safe, fireproof location.

With the largest safe showroom in Western Canada, we guarantee we have the safe that will suit your security needs. A home safe gives you immediate access to documents you might need from time-to-time without requiring a trip to your bank’s safety-deposit vault.

Do not be fooled be cheap online retailers.

1. Our safes undergo hours of quality inspection before ever entering our showroom.
Online retailers do not.

2. Our staff will teach you how to use, service and set your safe’s combination.
Online retailers do not.

3. Our technicians handle all warranties, open-ups and over-the-phone trouble shooting.
Online retailers do not.


Gun Safes

Depending on the firearms owned (restricted vs. non-restricted), Canada has specific rules on how owners are to store firearms. Individuals must lock firearms in a non-transparent cabinet or safe that is difficult to break in to.

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Fire Safes

A fire resistant safe is designed to protect its contents from high temperatures. With common UL ratings of 60, 90 and 120 minutes, fire safes regulate the internal temperature of the container while withstanding extreme external temperatures.

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Burglary Safes

A burglary resistant safe is designed to protect its contents from physical attacks or manipulations. With common UL ratings of TL 15, 30 and 30X6, burglary safes utilize solid metal walls to dramatically slow drilling, cutting or prying attempts.

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Custom Designs

For those whose situations aren't of the common variety, Calgary Lock & Safe offers custom designed safes that will suit any need. Made to order sizes, locks, fire ratings, and appearances personalize almost every detail of the container.