Home Integration

Home security is a game of layers.

While physical security is your best deterrent against potential intruders, cameras, alarms and environmental security greatly increase the breadth of your home’s security.

Camera Systems

Protecting one's home and family is the single biggest priority of most people. Whether it's via a closed circuit (CCTV) or analogue/IP system, home owners have far more options than they did a few short years ago. With so many products on the market, it's critically important to know which are best suited for your situation.

Alarm Systems

A good alarm system is statistically shown to be the best deterrent for intruders. When coupled with proper physical security, your home can use today's technology to create a vastly superior security presence than even a few years ago. Using user friendly technology like "Z Wave", users can activate or deactivate their systems from anywhere in the world!


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) greatly enhances your initial layer of security. Natural surveillance, natural access control, territorial reinforcement and routine maintenance are the four principles to CPTED crime prevention.