Home Integration

Security doesn’t just stop at the front door. Having full home integration is a great way to increase your homes security system. If a thief does break in, alarm systems are a great way to alert the authorities while you are both in and away from your home. Security cameras are another great way to both deter and record potential thieves that try to enter your home. Recorded evidence goes a long way in helping the police identify the criminals.

Physical Security

Don’t let a weak deadbolt ruin your day.Installing the right deadbolt is the first step to preventing thieves from breaking into your home. We have a range of products to help make you feel secure in your home; mechanical and keyless locks, door upgrades, and window security are all options that we would be happy to help with. Pick the staff at Calgary Lock and Safe to be your residential lock smiths and know you’re getting the best.

Saturn UL TL-30x6 Safes


Not all safes are created equally. Here at Calgary Lock and Safe we have the expertise to find the right safe for you. When it comes to protecting items like your important documents, sin cars, and family heirlooms, we have range of products that will suit all your needs. From gun and fire to burglary and  custom designs you won’t need to worry when your belongings are on the line.