Door & Frame

Residential Door Reinforcement

Calgary Lock & Safe offers a wide range of door side reinforcement options, from "wrap around" door sleeves that simply slide over the existing door edge to prevent a blow-out when the door is kicked/attacked with a pry bar, to latch defenders that prevent "credit carding". With a large selection of models and finishes there is always an option to secure your door without making your door look like Fort Knox.

Residential Frame Reinforcement

The vast majority of forced-entry break-ins occur at the main entry-points of homes. Without the proper protection, these thresholds are extremely vulnerable. Even with a deadbolt, it requires surprisingly little force to kick open – it can literally be done by a child. The problem is that most residential door jambs are constructed of soft wood, with a 3-inch strike plate attached by ¾-inch screws. The bolt travels from the deadbolt through the strike plate and into the door jamb. One or two strong kicks is all it takes for the bolt to rip open the door jamb and the strike plate, allowing quick entry into your home.

Calgary Lock & Safe delivers superior protection against the dangers of home invasion with the highest quality reinforcement technology available. For doors, we couple high quality locks with the invisible physical security of steel plates and channels that reinforce the door and frame.

Commercial Steel Door and Frame Replacement

Our secure, high-quality commercial steel door and frame solutions provide the hardware and expertise your business needs. In some cases, our solutions are necessary to meet the regulatory requirements in certain industries.

We use only top quality brands and products, and customize each installation to meet your specific needs, budget, and style. Our veteran technicians get the job done right the first time, and are always available for follow-up maintenance or repair.

Weather Stripping and Accessories

Weatherstripping is often overlooked on exterior doors resulting in loss of heat in the winter and loss of air conditioning in the summer. Weatherstripping a door is inexpensive and will save hundreds of dollars in utility bills. Calgary Lock & Safe can install weatherstripping on the top and both sides of the door and install a door sweep on the bottom of the door.