Brawn BR-FBG-6022E/C


  • ‣Door:Full fire proof insulated, 4 1/3″ overall thickness including 1/4″ steel plate, 1/8″ middle steel plate, and 1/8″ inner steel plate
  • ‣Body: 1/8″ steel plate used for both inner and outer steel plates, plus 16Ga. Reinforcement steel bracket added with 1-1/4″ thick fire proof insulated construction
  • ‣Interior: Flexible design upholstered inside walls, shelving and door cover panel
  • ‣1-1/4″ dia chrome plated steel locking bolts
  • ‣1-1/4″ dia chrome plated dead bolts
  • ‣Glass re-locking device as first re-locking device
  • ‣Spring loaded auxiliary re-locking device as second re-locking device
  • ‣1/4″ thick drill resistant harden plate(Ball bearing harden plate as optional)
  • ‣Side punch attack resistant bolt work and 6mm thick V shaped harden brackets
  • ‣Four recessed bolt down holes with plastic caps
  • ‣Expandable inhumescent fire seal on 4 sides of the door
  • ‣Heavy duty ball bearing steel block hinges
  • ‣Class 350 degree F, 90 minutes FIL label
  • ‣5 Spoke handle
  • ‣E: Electronic lock or C:combination lock
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Sizing Guide


Model Name Interior Exterior Weight
Height (in.) Width (in.) Depth (in.) Height (in.) Width (in.) Depth (in.) (lbs.)
6022 55.9 18.7 10.1 59.3 22 16 670

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