Locking Hardware

A part of our everyday lives, you would be hard pressed to make it though a day without coming in contact with some form of locking hardware. Calgary Lock & Safe stocks all of the products you are used to seeing and some you may have never seen before.



A variety of electronic locking devices are available to choose how your doors are controlled and opened. Commonly used for commercial and industrial buildings, they allow you to choose whether doors are locked/unlocked manually or automatically, and whether their locks use a key, fob, or other device.

Inkas Jewelry Safe


Safes are items that you don’t want to buy online or in a department store. They require mechanical manipulation and a thorough inspection before being put to use. We’ve got the biggest safe showroom in Western Canada and guarantee we have what you need. Safes aren’t a hobby for us, they’re a passion.

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Padlocks & Lockouts

Padlocks are widely used in everyday life in both low and high security installations. In popular use, padlocks are used on lockers, gates, fences, hasps, and chains to secure a wide variety of objects and areas.

Key Management

For many business, the amount of keys that they have can get out of hand. Key management solutions are a great way to organize all your keys. As well as determining who is using which key.



Combining window bars and window film together will not only secure your home, it can help with the heating bill and let you enjoy the sun without compromising your security.


Door & Frame

Having the correct type of door installed is the first step to ensuring your doors look and function in the manner you want them to. At Calgary Lock & Safe, we can help you choose the product that will work best for you, as well as install the product and ensure proper maintenance and repairs. Simple adjustments to your front door can enhance your security dramatically and save hundreds on your utility bills.

integration -residential


Today the use of cameras and/or alarm systems to manage and monitor access to an area has become a very common practice. These technologies have evolved to include integration with handheld devices enabling users to monitor their systems with a cell phone, tablet or remote. Whether it be for commercial or residential purpose, our certified journeyman locksmiths can work with you to create a system to suit your needs and controlled by the method of your choosing.

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