mtl cylinder


CLIQ® is a High-Security electromechanical locking solution that gives you secured management and enhanced control over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. With CLIQ’s ability to be incorporated into Mul-T-Lock’s High Security patented mechanical platforms such as MT5® and Interactive®+, you’ll have the flexibility you need to add new functionality to your existing systems.©

mtl padlock


Truly innovative, the award-winning WatchLock® combines GPS and GSM technology with Mul-T-Lock’s High Security locking to create a padlock that protects and communicates with you – no matter where you or your assets are. Among other things, WatchLock® notifies you where it is, if its been accessed and whether its batteries need changing. Ideal for any number of applications, WatchLock® is especially useful for remote and traveling assets.©

code it


At any given moment, thefts can and do occur at the workplace. Experienced thieves take advantage of employees’ brief absences from their office – making coffee; meetings; bathroom breaks and meals – in order to steal professional equipment, information, intellectual property or other valuables. Code-It®, Mul-T-Lock’s electronic security handle, is an innovative solution that simply and efficiently prevents opportunities of this sort from arising. The Code-It handle has a built-in electromechanical locking mechanism, which is only operable with the correct personal code. Code-It also has locking solutions for widows with interior handles, and also for patio and balcony doors. With convenient automatic locking, users can rest assured their property is protected at all times. ©