Locks & Doors

Locksmith is a bit of a misnomer. True, we deal with locks, but we do so much more than that! Security is a game of layers and your first layer is physical security. Below is a list of a few of the services we provide for our commercial customers:

Restricted Key Systems

For commercial buildings, physical security begins with restricting access to areas by controlling who has keys. The best way to do this is by using a "high security" brand that has both patent restrictive keys as well as a UL-437 certified lock. We carry a high security brand for every budget.

Steel Doors & Frames

Commercial grade doors play a large role in both the physical security and energy conservation of a premises. 

Proper installation and regular adjustments to doors and frames can not only greatly increase the security of the opening, but also reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

Master Key Systems

Creating multi-level master key systems can save companies huge amounts of money if created correctly. By giving unique access rights for different user groups, the costs and risks associated with lost or misplaced keys can be greatly reduced. Expandable master key systems can be designed to cover large and extensive facilities allowing for your business to grow without a complete re-work of your security.

Door & Access Control

The necessity for access control can stem from security, safety or convenience. Access systems provide control that mechanical solutions cannot. The ability to "turn off" a lock or key at any given moment greatly reduces a company's exposure to risk and at a fraction of the cost. We partner with some of the biggest companies in the city to bring you complete control over your building's opening.


Your building's security is only as good as its weakest point - and it's generally glass. Customized window bars and colorless security film allows you to security these weak points without the traditional eye-sore window bars of the past.

Life Safety

Commercial buildings are facing increased pressure and liability with regards to fire barriers, emergency exists and egress openings. Fire barriers and emergency exists should be inspected at least once annually, and preferably bi-annually. Proper functioning of these devices are integral in the role of preventing the spread of smoke, toxic gases, and fire as well as and allowing a quick exit from the building.