Cost Prevention

We take a modern approach to preventative maintenance in that maintenance is performed only when the cost of failure is thought to be higher than the cost of the maintenance. This cost-effective approach leads to decreasing maintenance costs over a period of time but decreases the risk of the large “one time” expenses. This allows for budgets to be made and lessens the chance of an unexpected capital expenditure that can hinder a company’s performance.

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

Preventative maintenance saves time and money by keeping property and equipment in good working order while avoiding major, more costly, repairs or replacement. With proper maintenance, the life of most commercial hardware can be increased by 500%. Using technology as an aid, we can keep a full audit of maintenance allowing customers to pinpoint specific areas or equipment that is costing money.

Service Contracts

Regular service contracts reduce the high costs of emergency calls. Some existing property managers has reduced their service needs by 40% by creating a consistent pattern of service in their buildings.