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Locks & Doors

We aren’t your typical locksmiths. Calgary Lock and Safe offers you a large range of commercial services. Restricted access keys provide a way for you to control who can actually have a copy of your keys made. Commercial grade doors aren’t your everyday door, with proper installation and maintenance, they’ll keep you safer and greener! Do you have multiple levels of authority in your business and want to control access to who can go where within the building? Multi-level master key systems are designed just for that. If you don’t want someone accessing a certain door anymore, we can help design a solution that allows you to turn off locks or keys whenever you want.

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While we would provide the exact same safes as you use in your home, you probably won’t have the same needs in the two areas.  In addition to fire and burglary safes, we also offer jewelry safes with the highest UL ratings, and deposit safes’ that allow for your staff to drop money in at the end of the day, while only giving you access to the actual safe.

Cost Prevention

There’s a better alternative to worrying and paying large amounts of money when your security fails. Regular service contracts allow for Calgary Lock and Safe to provide maintenance that prevents your security systems from failing when you need them the most.