Burglar Safe

The burglar resistant safe is designed to contain valuables. It is constructed with solid metal walls and a heavy door resistant to attack by drilling, cutting or prying. Hardened and drill resistant metals are often used to slow down attempts to break in to this safe.

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Perfect for homes and businesses across Canada, burglary safes by Brawn Security Products protect valuables including cash, collectibles, jewelry and documents from burglary attacks. Available with a number of security features.


With Superior Burglary Protection, these units are capable of protecting your valuables against a full out burglary attack. The door and body are beefed up with oversized hinges; ALS has added an additional glass re-locker along with ALS standard hard-plate to protect the locking device. These units allow you to leave your valuables knowing they are in good hands.

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing makes a variety of sizes and models of Burglary safes. Models range starts from B-rated steel safes, Made from ¼” steel with ½” steel door, up to high security tool and torch resistant U.L. listed U.L TRTL30x6 safes.