Stolen Vehicles

Having your vehicle stolen can put you in a tighter spot than you may even realize.

When a thief has your vehicle, they have access to your registration and home address. Using this information, and in many cases having your house keys, thieves can easily target your homeĀ as well. In most cases your insurance will cover the costs to re-key your home and vehicle rather than risk another claim.

Damaged Ignitions

Car thieves commonly damage ignitions in the course of stealing vehicles. For newer cars (with unworn keys) this is a relatively simple and inexpensive repair that will only take a few hours in-store.
In older vehicles you may have a more complicated solution needed. In most cases we can get your vehicle back in working order within a day of having any parts arrive.

Automotive Re-Keys

Rather than changing the physical locks and ignition of your car, a less expensive route is to re-key the locks so that any existing keys will not work them any longer.

This is a service only a few locksmiths in the city provide and is much less expensive than replacing everything. We do free consultations and estimates, so you really have nothing to lose.