Ignition Work

A car’s ignition is a far more complicated instrument than people realize. Within the ignition are pins (or discs) that fit in the grooves of the key allowing the ignition to be turned and start the car. If either the key’s cuts, or the ignition’s pins, don’t match, the car will not start and/or damage the ignition.

These problems are very common in some Hondas and almost all models of Saturns.


Second Hand Vehicles

Buy your vehicle second hand? How many keys did you receive? How many exist? Re-keying (possibly just re-programming) your ignition would make any unknown keys null and void.

Worn Ignitions

The difficultly with ignitions is that either the keys, or ignition itself, can become worn. Simply replacing one or the other might not remedy your problem. New keys might not work in worn ignitions and new ignitions might now work with worn keys.

Replacing the worn keys and the ignition will guarantee to start the car - but you run the risk of the new keys not working in the doors and trunk (as they're still worn and might not work with the freshly cut key).

Re-Keying Ignitions

If you lose a set of car keys it is possible to change the ignition and door locks so that your lost keys can no longer be used without having to replace everything. Although there's a cost to it, it is less expensive than having the car stolen.

If your vehicle is stolen, your home insurance will usually cover 100% of the cost of having the vehicle re-keyed.