Automotive Keys

Why are automotive keys SO EXPENSIVE!?

Well the truth is, there’s a lot of reasons. If you want to read in detail, here’s a link for you to check out. Luckily for you, if you’re an AMA member, it’s cheaper if you go with us than with any other company in Calgary.

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Transponder Keys

Transponder (commonly called "chipped") keys are common in vehicles made in the 2000s. They have a computer chip in the head of the key that interacts with the vehicles on-board computer system. These keys need to be cut accurately as well as programmed by a computer to make them work. Unlike dealerships, we can generally have a key made in our store within an hour - no need to leave your vehicle all day. If you're stuck somewhere, we can come to you at your home and make a key there (with some exceptions).

Non-transponder Keys

Non-transponder (commonly called "regular") keys are common in older vehicles and heavy-hauling vehicles and tractors. While the key does not need to be programmed like a transponder key, it does need to be fitted to the ignition using a technique known as "impressioning".